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Cradle of the Renaissance, romantic, enchanting and absolutely irresistible, Florence.

Few cities are so compact in size or so filled with stunning masterpieces of art and architecture on every corner.
The urban fabric of this small town, on the banks of the Arno River in northeastern Tuscany, has remained virtually unchanged from the Renaissance and its narrow cobbled streets are a cinematic feast of elegant 15th and 16th century palaces.
Medieval chapels lit by candles, frescoed churches, marble basilicas and world-class art museums filled with paintings and sculptures by Boticcelli, Michelangelo et al. Unsurprisingly, the entire city center is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Magnificent Rome
Our favorite city ever.

Rome can be seen as the most interesting city in Europe and probably also as one of the most incredible cities in the world. People from all over the world come to Rome to discover and experience this fairytale city.

Rome was called the “Eternal City” by the ancient Romans because they believed that, whatever happened in the rest of the world, the city of Rome would always remain standing. Exploring the city center on foot surrounded by glorious monuments and colossal remains takes you back in time to the “glory that was Rome.”

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