The ancient city of Pompeii in Campania is the most visited archaeological site in the world thanks to the well-preserved remains of the city buried by the volcanic eruption that in 79 AD. brought about its tragic end.

Pompeii , which was a thriving Mediterranean port and market, the holiday resort of wealthy Romans, remains so famous for the extraordinary state of conservation of the civil buildings, arranged along well-preserved streets, such as the Casa of the Surgeon , that of the Fauno , of the Casti Amanti and for the famous Villa of the Mysteries . The latter takes its name from the murals depicting the initiation rites to the cult of Dionysus.
characteristic are the graffiti on the external walls of the buildings which inside were decorated with frescoes of great taste and scenes of everyday life from which the archaeologists have deduced the worldly character of the life that took place there and still testify to the luxury and love for the art and beauty of the ancient Romans.


Language: Italian
Trip: Rome / Pompeii
Seats: 3/6
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